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Majors: Christian Studies (BA) Communication Arts (BA/BS) English (BA) Music (BA) Art and Design (BA) Graphic Communication (BA) History (BS)


Our school is steeped in the rich process of exploring, understanding, and appreciating other times, places, and cultures. Through creative experiences of performance, art, writing, appreciation of literature and the arts, investigations into history, and inquiries into belief stimulated by Philosophy and Christian Studies, we celebrate centuries of human accomplishments in the realms of the aesthetic, the intellect, and the spirit.

"Blue eld al ys ha a special place in my heart cause the great iends and mem ies I’ made there, but mainly f pu ing Charles and Re cca Reese in my life! ey helped me nd my passi (theatre/acting) and I’ f e r l them and I am grateful to ha learned so much under them as I n use that kn ledge in the real ld."

Carleek Owens Class of 2020

Majors: Business


Administration (BS) Cybersecurity (BS)

We offer undergraduate and graduate students a unique opportunity to experience sound academic instruction delivered by faculty who have both educational training and hands-on professional experience. This inspiring form of teaching offers a practical perspective to students embarking on a career in the business world, allowing them to ask pointed questions and research career paths with real-time feedback from professors and allow for one-one-one training.

Organizational Leadership (BS)

"Bluefield was a turning point in my life. The academic rigor was great. However, the most important part of my experience were the relationships I formed. People from all over the world became my friends: Ukraine, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and many more places. Bluefield is a melting pot of cultures and experiences where I had real conversations with people who helped me to become who I am today!"

João Victor Barbosa Silva Class of 2021


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