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MOTTO Deus, Patria, Lux (God, Country, Light)



A 40+ year tradition, our annual Mud Pig Day gets a bit...messy. Every year, before the start of final exams, we pause for an event like nothing you've experienced before, complete with a mud pit, giant water slide, inflatables, and of course, a BBQ lunch.







40+ MAJORS OFFERED 6 PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS including pre-law & pre-medicine







BACKGROUND Since its founding Bluefield University has been in covenant with the Baptist General Association of Virginia

OPPORTUNITIES Community outreach and special projects, on-campus ministry groups,

WORSHIP Bluefield offers weekly chapel services and small groups for our students, faculty, and staff

impact teams and clubs, and mission trips abroad

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SPIRITUAL GROWTH We are committed to providing a strong Christian environment where students engage with faculty and staff who genuinely care for their well-being. Our faculty and staff strive to create and maintain an environment that reflects our life in Christ. We encourage students to use their unique, God given gifts and abilities. We seek to foster growth in the areas of spiritual and emotional maturity, interpersonal relationships, and social awareness, coupled with nurturing a vibrant intellectual life. BE CONNECTED Whether it's through weekly chapel services or by joining a small group, students can be a part of a vibrant through Bluefield University Student Ministries (BUSM) and Elevate, a student-driven and student-led service with worship performed by BU students held every Sunday night in Harman Chapel. MISSION OPPORTUNITIES Each semester, Bluefield University students have the opportunity to travel abroad or locally for a mission trip. Mission trips are life-changing events and can help you deepen your walk with Christ as you serve others and our Lord. Our mission is to bring students, faculty, and staff to an encounter with Christ; these encounters encourage them to grow, help them minister, and empower them to fulfill their life’s calling. The purpose of campus ministry is to influence the campus community with the power of God’s Word. community of faith. You’ll find opportunities for spiritual growth

in your education Go Further In 2020, as a global pandemic impacted the healthcare industry and life for billions, three schools in Virginia joined together under the umbrella of an edu cational foundation. Their partnership was formed by aligning individual missions to impact the health and wellness of underserved populations to serve a larger population in need throughout the Southeastern United States and across the world. Now joined together as sister institutions, Bluefield University, the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy offer dynamic and market-ready degree programs from the associate's degree and certificate level up to doctoral degrees in order to supply first-rate healthcare and service to those our graduates serve.

Appalachian College of Pharmacy Did you know pharmacists hold a special place in the patient care continuum? It’s true! They are the last line of care before a patient goes home to heal from a medical situation. Bluefield University is a sister institution with the Appalachian College of Pharmacy (ACP). Like Bluefield and VCOM, the College of Pharmacy has a similar mission to address the health-related needs of rural and underserved communities, particularly those in Appalachia. At ACP, you will find a traditional pharmacy school program structured as a three-year program with summer sessions cutting down a year of study and about $100,000 in tuition expenses to help graduates enter the workforce faster and with less debt. Soon the College of Pharmacy will also offer a Doctor of Public Health program and other new programs.

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Interested in becoming a doctor? Bluefield University is the place to start your education! We are a sister institution to the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). Our pre-med faculty will prepare you to meet the standards set by VCOM, and Bluefield Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences (MABS) students are guaranteed an interview for medical school. With campuses in Blacksburg, Virginia; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Auburn, Alabama; and Monroe, Louisiana, Bluefield University students have multiple opportunities for placement with a successful application. Like Bluefield, VCOM focuses on graduating physicians who have a focus on serving others and meeting the needs of rural and medically underserved populations with an emphasis on the Appalachian and Mississippi Delta regions. There are also great opportunities for medical mission programs between our two schools. Bluefield graduates also have preferred enrollment in a joint Master of Biomedical Science (MABS) program between Bluefield and VCOM, where you will be taught by the medical school faculty.

Bluefield University Bluefield University also offers several graduate degrees with preferred admission to students who meet program standards. In addition to the Masters of Biomedical Sciences degree program, the School of Nursing offers an online master’s degree in nursing (MSN). Three tracts of study taught by practicing faculty enable students to learn while working. The Leadership/ Education concentration allows for advanced practice in case management, while the Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner allow for advanced practice with in-depth, specialized training. At Bluefield, our MBA program is different in the Caudill School of Business. Our program features specializations in Healthcare Management, Justice Administration, and Leadership, so you are focusing on relevant topics to your career path. Our School of Education and Social Sciences offers two master’s degrees in both Education and Educational Leadership alongside an MA in Counseling for students looking to become practicing professionals in the field of mental health care today!

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Our vision at the Bluefield University School of Nursing is to develop leaders in nursing whose actions, discoveries, and voices strengthen and transform the healthcare of individuals and communities everywhere our graduates serve. We believe a hands on, collaborative learning environment is best for mastering the essentials of clinical practice, understanding servant leadership, and conducting research. Our faculty members are committed to seeing students all the way through to graduation, where they will become professionals improving healthcare for all. When students leave the classroom to enter the workforce, they will do so knowing their purpose and being equipped with the tools to help enhance and save lives.


“My Bluefield University experience was a fundamental stepping stone in achieving my dreams of becoming a doctor of physical therapy. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of so many professors, staff members, friends, and community members in Bluefield, Virginia who supported me. Bluefield set me up for success in my education because of the individual support and guidance I received from professors. Because of the small class sizes, they got to know me and could encourage me throughout my journey. Being a student-athlete, I had direct access to our athletic trainers. Working alongside them grew my passion for physical therapy.”

The College of Sciences and Health Sciences works diligently to expose our students to a variety of study topics within the field of science in order to prepare them thoroughly for their future career goals. These fields require a wide breadth of knowledge and skill. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to ensure that our students are prepared with a faith-based foundation that complements their high-level scientific skills in order to make a greater impact on the world. Each student receives an educational pathway tailor-made to their needs and goals, so they are ready to enter a continually changing workforce. Students benefit from personal instruction with highly-renown, accomplished Christian faculty who seek to inspire, motivate, and care for each student. Our degree programs boast a high success rate in effectively preparing students for further education in health professions and graduate programs, as well as preparing others for entry directly into the workforce.

TAYLOR BRYANT Class of 2019 Bachelor of Science - Exercise Sport Science Medicine Hometown: Tigard, Oregon Graduate School: George Fox University


"During my time at Bluefield University, I learned the importance of time management and how to engage with professors. Bluefield University also prepared me for law school with a challenging and rigorous curriculum."

Bluefield University’s School of Criminal Justice offers challenging classes and instruction that analyze the legal, social, economic, and political contexts that shape our approach to criminal justice. The programs blend primary courses in criminal justice with courses focused on leadership and management at the executive level. These courses build and refine the skills our students need to meet the challenges of a criminal justice career anywhere in the country. This compilation of exciting content and dynamic instruction means that each student receives a quality education that goes beyond the textbook and impacts their journeys for years to come.

ONNIKA ALEIGHA TURLEY Class of 2019 Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Hometown: Tazewell, VA Graduate School: Liberty University School of Law


In the School of Education and Social Sciences , we believe highly effective practitioners must be reflective professionals. Reflective professionals best impact those they serve because their work is based on the continual improvement of the individual, and every individual learns and grows at a different pace. Students who are working to become counselors, educators, and leaders experience space for reflection, critical thinking, and self-evaluation within each class in our degree program in order to develop this practice. This will be further developed as students take part in career-field experiences provided through internship opportunities, student-teaching, and licensure as part of their studies. When a student graduates from the School of Education and Social Sciences, they will be a “servant leader to transform the world,” as described in our mission statement in their career and life.


The College of Arts and Letters at Bluefield University is steeped in the rich process of exploring, understanding, and appreciating other times, places, and cultures. Our students ask the searching questions that the Humanities have long sought to answer. Through creative experiences of performance, art, writing, appreciation of literature and the arts, investigations into history, and inquiries into belief stimulated by Philosophy and Christian Studies, we celebrate centuries of human accomplishments in the realms of the aesthetic, the intellect, and the spirit. Students and professors together seek an understanding of the complex beauty of the human experience. Even more so, we explore how we interact with and influence the world around us because it is our vocation and calling as professionals in the world.

"Bluefield will always have a special place in my heart because of the great friends and memories I’ve made there, but mainly for putting Charles and Rebecca Reese in my life! They helped me find my passion (theatre/acting) and I’ll forever love them and I am grateful to have learned so much under them as I now use that knowledge in the real world."

CARLEEK OWENS Class of 2020 Bachelor of Art in Theatre Hometown: Portsmouth, VA Current position: Acting and hospitality services


The Caudill School of Business at Bluefield University offers undergraduate and graduate students a unique opportunity to experience sound academic instruction delivered by faculty who have both educational training and hands-on professional experience. This inspiring form of teaching offers a practical perspective to students embarking on a career in the business world, allowing them to ask pointed questions and research career paths with real-time feedback from professors. Class sizes are limited to allow personal interaction and one-on one training by professors who are fully invested in the lives of their students and the mission of the institution.

"Bluefield was a turning point in my life. The academic rigor was great. However, the most important part of my experience were the relationships I formed. People from all over the world became my friends: Ukraine, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and many more places. Bluefield is a melting pot of cultures and experiences where I had real conversations with people who helped me to become who I am today!"

JOÃO VICTOR BARBOSA SILVA Class of 2021 Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Hometown: Guapó/Brazil Current position: Global Management Trainee at Anheuser-Busch InBev

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Your home away from home. Step onto the Bluefield campus, and you’ll understand why we love calling this place home. The natural beauty and wonder of the Appalachian Mountains surround our campus and frame the experience in a quaint and wonderful reflection of creation. It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque and inspiring location as a backdrop to world-changing education and life experiences. If you’re looking for a rich campus life that feels like family, welcome home! From hanging out in residence halls like Rish or East River to enjoying apartment-style living at Bluestone Commons, you’ll love life, and all the memories made at Bluefield.

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Whether it's through athletics, campus ministries, music, or theatre, joining an organization opens many doors to students by offering opportunities for leadership, community service, social activities, career networking, and, of course, friendship and fellowship. Whether you're interested in student government or the great outdoors, there's something for everyone.

"The Center for Counseling & Wellness provides supportive individual and group counseling for students. You'll also get to meet Hazel, our campus therapy dog who is on campus for students to hang out with all the time!"

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Volleyball Wrestling Women's Sports: Basketball Cross Country Golf Soccer Softball Tennis Track & Field Volleyball

Coed Sport: Cheerleading


A 40+ year tradition, our annual Mud Pig Day gets a bit...messy. Each spring, before the start of final exams, we pause for an event like nothing you've experienced before, complete with a mud pit, giant water slide, inflatables, and a BBQ lunch.

in your relationships Our vision has always been to prioritize relationships, which means our students develop intentional and personal connections with their instructors, administrative staff, and especially their fellow students. We love the fact that every face on campus is a familiar one, and deep friendships abound. The time spent with others during the years of higher education is some of the most important of our lives — we build friendships and relationships that will endure for a lifetime. And while diversity is something we take great pride in at Bluefield — and love the tapestry woven together from different backgrounds and cultures — we also cherish the bond in our relationships created by the single thread of our shared faith. Go Further

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Pathways Tuition Plan

with an affordable education

The possibility of earning an undergraduate degree for free exists at Bluefield University! Our Pathways Tuition Plan is available for students from the region we were founded to serve over a century ago. This premier tuition plan enables students to begin a career or graduate program with little to no college debt.

Commonwealth Connection Tuition Plan We've created an exclusive tuition rate reserved for students from all Virginia high schools, homeschool programs, and the Virginia Community College system with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Bluefield University established this affordable tuition rate to ensure Virginia families have access to the many wonderful features of our Christ-centered learning community. Scholarships & Grants Bluefield University offers many scholarships and grants to both on-campus and online students. Our Financial Aid Office is also available to help you find other sources of financial assistance, such as private scholarships, loan programs, and work-study jobs to help cover the cost of college. We understand that quality education is a serious financial investment. At Bluefield University, we feel that students from our local area, across Virginia and beyond deserve affordable college tuition options to earn a degree. Going to college is an investment. However, your educational and career goals should not be beyond your reach. That's why 99% of our on-campus students receive tuition assistance to make college affordable. Our financial aid counselors are available to help you and your family every step of the way to discuss decisions with you regarding the affordability of your Christ-centered education.

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