from the president

Dear Alumni and Friends:

One of the significant projects completed this past year was the renovation of Harman Chapel. In preparation of the chapel’s 50th anniversary, the much-needed quarter million dollar restoration included new flooring and seating, a fresh coat of paint, high definition video, LED lighting and staging software, and concert level audio. It is quite spectacular, and if you haven’t already done so, I hope you will make plans to visit campus and see the chapel upgrades firsthand. In addition, we are in the final stages of securing resources to construct the Wellness Center that will sit adjacent to the Dome Gymnasium. If you haven’t made a gift or pledge yet, you can be the one to help tip this important project from concept to reality. Our students need it, and the College can enhance its ability in offering a quality, comprehensive living and learning experience to our students. Remember, Homecoming is October 21-23. Mark your calendar and make plans to see your college up close and enjoy visiting with classmates and former faculty as you cheer on the Rams to victory! Most importantly, thank you for your continued prayers and advocacy for Bluefield College!

I have excellent news to share with you! We have heard from our accreditor (SACSCOC) that the College has been removed from probation. As I shared with you around this time last year, we had been sanctioned as a result of non-compliance in two standards related to institutional effectiveness. The two areas of concern related to how we assessed our (1) educational programs and student outcomes and (2) academic and student support services. The chairperson leading the Special Committee that visited campus in April commended us on providing demonstrable evidence of a “robust process” for ongoing assessments and improvements. I never doubted we could demonstrate our compliance. We simply needed more time to collect additional data, assess it, and modify programs as needed to guide us in achieving our desired outcomes. Our faculty and staff worked diligently over the past year to ensure demonstration of our compliance with the two standards in question, and I am grateful for their tireless commitment to our students and the College’s mission of developing transformational servant leaders. Bluefield College continues to make great strides in academic program quality and development, as well. We are in the final stages of approval from SACSCOC to launch a new master’s program in nursing. The MSN will be offered with two concentrations: (1) family nurse practitioner and (2) administration/education. The program will be offered online with several intensive clinical weekends at Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg.

Partnering with you in faithful service, 1

David W. Olive President

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