“Bluefield College was the place where my heart belonged.” —Dr. Wayne Massey

W hen the 2015-2016 academic year began at Bluefield College, it did so without a vital “beacon of academic excellence.” When faculty and staff returned to campus, they did

State University, and the rest, as they

say, is history as Dr. Massey embarked upon an impressive and influential calling to teach that lasted 54 years.

so in the absence of “a beloved friend,” who “inspired [them] to be a better teacher.” And when students walked back in the classroom, they did so without the professor most devoted to their academic success, Dr. Wayne Massey, who retired from BC after 27 years of service. A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Massey came to Bluefield College first as a student in 1957. He studied business administration, while serving as a member of Future Business Leaders of America and a sports reporter for the student newspaper. “My preparation in business courses was quite good and prepared me well for my further studies at Virginia Tech,” said Dr. Massey. “Mostly, however, long-term, even life-long friendships were formed right here at BC, and the foundation for Christian living was made firm through Bluefield College, where Christ is pre-eminent.” After earning an associate’s degree from Bluefield in 1959 and a bachelor’s degree in business from Virginia Tech, Dr. Massey decided to study English. He earned a master’s degree in English from Western Carolina University and a Ph.D. in English from Ball

“Teaching is all about helping others learn,” said Dr. Massey about the profession he dedicated more than half a century to. “When I served wisely and willingly, the glory went to God, and for this I am grateful. In all things, to Him be the glory.” He taught first at Woodlawn Academy, a private school in Chatham, Virginia, where he also served 12 years as headmaster. From there, he spent three years teaching English at Danville, Martinsville and Lynchburg community colleges in Virginia, before returning to his alma mater in 1988. “Bluefield College was the place where my heart belonged,” said Dr. Massey about coming back to BC to teach, “and when I was allowed to return in 1988, I realized that I had come full circle. God brought me to the place where I most needed to be when He brought me to Bluefield and to the profession where I could best serve Him.” During his 27 years on faculty at Bluefield, Dr. Massey served as an assistant professor, then associate professor, and finally professor of English. Outside of the classroom, he was director of


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