2022 Annual Report

“When people are dying, most people are thinking about themselves and their families,” said Leigh Ann. “But Bull was thinking about his community. His whole life centered around the community.” After Bull’s passing in March, his family asked for donations to help set up a scholarship in lieu of flowers. They received dozens of contributions from around the community. This outpouring from the community was an eye-opening experience for Bull’s family that showed them the big and small ways that Bull made an impact. “We hope this fund continues to give back to the community because that’s what Bull wanted,” said Leigh Ann. “We hope the money makes things a little easier for those who receive the scholarships -- maybe they won’t have to worry about how much things like books cost. We want them to take the money and have a good experience in college.” For more information on how to set up a scholarship fund to support NRV students, please contact the CFNRV team at 540.381.8999 or cfnrv.org/scholarships.

It was important to Bull that the fund reflect the entire family’s connection to Riner. Bull and his brother Lee grew up on the family farm that their parents, J. Willard and Mary Mangus Teel, established. Eventually, the brothers took over running the farm and later, Lee’s son Randy joined the family business. Throughout the years, the family made an impact on their beloved town: the high school’s gym is named after the family, the fire department was built on land that was once part of the family’s farm, and recreational fields under construction at the high school will eventually be named after J. Willard and Mary. Bull’s impact on his community and the people he met showed up in less visible ways than his avid support of his school. Each day, Bull would call a list of people to wish them a happy birthday, ultimately making around 4,500 calls each year. He continued to make these calls even when he became ill. In 2019, Auburn High School renamed their gymnasium to “Teel Gymnasium” in honor of the Teel family. Above: Bull and his brother Lee.

Photos by Ashley Dawn Photography

Since the early 1970s, Bull kept the clock at Auburn High School basketball games.


2021 - 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

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