Academic Catalog 2017-2018

BIO 3111 Science Colloquium (same as CHM 3111) This course will develop the student’s ability to critically examine published primary re- search in biology and/or chemistry. May be repeated for credit. (Every Spring) BIO 3234 Parasitology A study of the parasites of human importance, including the life cycles, means of infection, diseases they cause, and the treatment and prevention of these diseases. Prerequisite: BIO 2054 or Instructor’s Permission. (Fall, Even Years) BIO 3501, 3502, 3503 Directed Study in Biology A specialized course of study for qualified students. The credit hours are determined by the nature of the study. (On Demand) BIO 4014 Genetics Study of the mechanisms of inheritance, mutation, mapping, recombination, expression, regulation, population genetics, and evolution. Three hours of lecture and one two-hour lab per week. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing. (Spring, Odd Years) BIO 4024 Molecular Cell Biology A laboratory-oriented course on the fundamental experimental tools and techniques of mo- lecular biology, including DNA isolation, gene cloning, and polymerase chain reaction. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing and CHM 2024 or Instructor’s Permission. (Fall, Odd Years) BIO 4081, 4091 Senior Seminar Seniors will be required to research the scientific literature, write a thesis, and make oral presentations. BIO 4501, 4502, 4503, 4504 Special Topics in Biology The student will engage in class instruction, research, and analysis of specific topics under the direction of a faculty member. Credit will be determined by the course content. (On Demand) BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BUS) For a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a student must complete the General Requirements, Business Core Requirements, electives, and Concentration Requirements chosen from Accounting, Information Technology, Management, or Web and Mobile Development. No minor is required. A minor in another area may be earned; however, no course required in the Business Administration major can be used to satisfy a requirement in a minor. Minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Information Technology, and Management are available. I. Business Administration Major A. G eneral Education & Degree Requirements (see p. 55) 46 SH MAT 1233, 2023 6 SH Subtotal 52 SH B. Business Core Requirements 33 SH BUS 1063, 2323, 2523, 2533, 2543, 3013, 3023, 3113, 3223, 3513, 4213 Pre-test will be used to determine if students will take an Intermediate Excel in place of BUS 2323 1. Accounting Concentration Requirements   BUS 3123, 3533, 3543, 3563, 4073, 4083, 4413, 4433 24 SH   Electives (7 courses) 21 SH


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