Academic Catalog 2017-2018

MUSIC (MUS) The music curriculum is designed to train music educators, performers and church musicians and to help all students gain a better understanding of and appreciation for a variety of musical expressions. This is achieved by providing studies and experiences relevant to a student’s background which develop skill in the performance of music, generate insight into the nature of music, and provide for an understanding of the relationship of music to the world in which we live. The Music Department offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major or minor in music. The music major will complete the Core Requirements listed below in addition to General Requirements. The music major will also select a concentration in Applied Music, Church Music or General Music (with or without Teacher Licensure). No minor is required in this area although students may elect to pursue a minor if they so desire. To enroll in MUS 1623, 2613, and 2623, or to enroll in MUS 1641, 2631 and 2641 the student must have a grade of “C” or better in the preceding theory course, e.g., for MUS 1623 the student must receive a “C” or better in MUS 1613.

I. Music Major A. General Education & Degree Requirements (see. p. 55)

45 SH

B. Music Major – Core Requirements MUS 1613 Music Theory I MUS 1623 Music Theory II MUS 1631 Ear Training I MUS 1641 Ear Training II MUS 2613 Music Theory III MUS 2623 Music Theory IV MUS 2631 Ear Training III MUS 2641 Ear Training IV

MUS 2991 Sophomore Review Seminar MUS 3573 Music History I MUS 3583 Music History II

MUS 3653 Conducting I MUS 3663 Conducting II Subtotal

29 SH

Applied Study (Primary 9, Secondary 6)

15 SH

Ensembles 6 SH MUS 1810, MUS 2810, MUS 3810 or MUS 3910 (depending on concentration) MUS 1310 Performing Arts Lab (6 Semesters) MUS 4810 or 4890 Senior Recital Total of Core Requirements 52 SH C. Concentration (choose one) 1. Applied Music Concentration a. General Education & Degree Requirements (see p. 55) 45 SH b. Core Music Requirements 53 SH (some of these satisfy General Education requirements)


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