Academic Catalog 2017-2018

MGT 4133 Quality Assurance/Management History, philosophy, and theory of total quality management as presented by authors such as W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, Philip Crosby, and others. The focus will be on continuous quality improvement, total quality control, advantages, problem solving, team- work, customer service, and statistical process control. This course will incorporate ap- proaches found in Six Sigma and ISO-9000 programs. MGT 4163 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management will increase the participant’s knowledge of the field of human resources (HR) and provide a current reference to HR practices. Several functional areas to be addressed include: HR Management Practices, General Employment Practices; Recruiting, Selection and Staffing; Human Resource Development; Compensation and Benefits; Employee and Labor Relations; Health, Safety and Security. HMR is the func- tion that assists organizations in achieving goals by obtaining, developing, motivating, and retaining the right people. HRM recognizes the fact that each employee is capable of mak- ing a valuable contribution and seeks ways in which individual goals may be in synch with organizational goals. MGT 4223 Personal Leadership Strategies Personal Leadership Strategies will help the student recognize the qualities that make one a successful leader including attitudes, interpersonal skills, critical thinking and strong eth- ics. Students will explore strategies for managing, leading, motivating and communicating in a diverse, international environment. MGT 4233 Leadership and Change Management Organizations are evolving daily. This course focuses on a methodical, rational analysis of change within an organization. It begins with an analysis and diagnosis of the organization, the role of the change agent, defining the problem, preparing the personnel, teams and the organization for change, working with the personnel/ teams to achieve the optimal change, and finally it concludes the evaluation of the change. Change management is an on-going process that is best accomplished by using leadership principles. MATHEMATICS (MAT) For a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, a student must complete the general requirements of the College, the mathematics major requirements, the minor requirements in another area of study, and electives. Mathematics majors must take a comprehensive test in the senior year. A mathematics minor is available to those students majoring in another area. Students interested in obtaining teacher licensure for teaching mathematics in secondary schools should contact the School of Education for a course list.

I. Mathematics Major A. General Education & Degree Requirements

39 SH

PHY 2014, 2024

8 SH 4 SH

MAT 1514

Subtotal 51 SH (PHY 2014-2024 meet the General Education Science and B.S. additional science requirements. MAT 1514 meets the Mathematics General Education requirement. Any one of the math courses 1815 or higher required for the Mathematics Major meets the Mathematics B.S. requirement for mathematics majors.)


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