Academic Catalog 2017-2018

MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP – Online Program (MGT) Trained leaders are in demand by business, government, non-profit organizations, and other employers. This major is designed to prepare graduates to help meet that challenge. Today, managers and leaders must cope with constant change, competition, complexity, diversity, and issues workers bring to the workplace. Management is the process of setting goals and planning and completing the execution of those goals using order and consis- tency. Leadership is the ability to influence others toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. The Management & Leadership major deals with the realities of the workplace as they relate to strategic planning, to ethics and personal integrity, and to the overall functions of management, including leadership, research, quality assurance, team building, and change management, all within the framework of job performance and organizational commit- ment. Students will learn theories and best practices associated with models of management and leadership. The Management & Leadership major will help students sharpen their cur- rent skills while developing new analytic and practical skills that can be applied to every- day problem-solving. Students will learn to evaluate strategic options, to diagnose problems, and to use models for informed decision-making – the type of decisions that will allow organizations to be flexible and responsive to the changing organizational demands. The Management & Leadership major is also a good platform for pursuing future graduate academic studies and professional work.

I. Major A. General Education & Degree Requirements (see p. 55)

49 SH 36 SH

B. Core Requirements

INT 3063 Learning & Research Skills MGT 3173 Introduction to Leadership MGT 3103 Business Communication MGT 3013 Foundations of Management MGT 3193 Organizational Behavior MGT 3153 Business Research Methods MGT 4223 Personal Leadership Strategies MGT 4133 Quality Assurance MGT 4163 Human Resource Management MGT 3113 Management & Finance MGT 4123 Contemporary Leadership MGT 4233 Leadership & Change Management C. Elective Courses

41 SH 126 SH

Total Hours


MGT 3013 Foundations of Management Foundations of Management is the study of the foundational principles of organizational


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