Academic Catalog 2017-2018

CHM 5203 Advanced Organic Synthesis: Name Reactions The most influential organic reactions in modern times have been linked to key scientists and/or functional group changes. The top 100+ reactions will be classified through the study of their mechanisms and overall transformations. (Fall II, Odd Years) CHM 5303 Advanced Biological Chemistry An intense survey of the molecules and chemical reactions of living creatures. The biosynthesis, uses, and catabolism of nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and common lipids are described. Metabolic pathways are linked through consideration of common substrates. (Spring II, Even Years) CHM 5403 Physical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics This course addresses the undergirding principles of the physical universe and the associated energetics. The four fundamental laws of thermodynamics will be defined and applied to energy conversions, thermochemistry, equilibria, and behavior of the three common states of matter. (Summer II, Even Years) CHM 5503 Physical Chemistry II: Quantum Mechanics The evidence for the quantization of matter and energy will be described. Models and experiments for the wave/particle duality of submicroscopic objects will be discussed as they apply to molecular motion, electron configuration in the atom, bonding, and spectroscopy. (Fall II, Even Years) CHM 5603 Environmental Chemistry Principles, analysis, and the impact of chemical movement and distribution, both natural and human-induced, in natural environments will be explored, with focus placed on the hydrosphere and atmosphere. Stewardship and dominion principles will be addressed according to the Christian worldview. (Spring II, Odd Years) CHRISTIAN STUDIES (CST) The Department of Christian Studies offers the Christian Studies Major (Bachelor of Arts only), the Christian Studies Minor, the Biblical Languages Minor, the Youth Ministry Minor, and the Christian Ministry Certificate.. For the bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies, a student must complete the general education requirements, major requirements (Core, Tracks, and Electives) and a minor in another field. Christian Vocations Bluefield College has long been involved in preparing students to enter full-time Christian vocations. Such vocations include careers both inside and outside of the church. We encourage students interested in this broad field to continue with seminary education after college if at all possible, and our program is designed with that goal in mind. Faculty members who have had seminary training and/or ministry experience are available to provide further counsel to students regarding curriculum choices.

I. Christian Studies Major A. General Education & Degree Requirements (see p. 55)

52 SH

CST 1103

3 SH


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