Academic Catalog 2017-2018

CHEMISTRY (CHM) For a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry a student must complete the general education requirements, major requirements, and the specified number of hours in chemistry elective courses. Chemistry majors in their senior year are required to complete Senior Seminar with a grade of “C” or better and take a comprehensive test in chemistry. For students with majors in other subject areas, a minor in chemistry is available. BUS 4501/4502/4503 Special Topics in Business Study, research, and analysis of topics for more in-depth knowledge and understanding. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing and Instructor’s Permission. (Fall and Spring) BUS 4511/4512/4513 Directed Study in Business A specialized study for qualified students. Prerequisite: JR/SR Standing and Instructor’s Permission. (On Demand) BUS 4551/4552/4553 Business Internship See Criteria for Internships on p. 164. Prerequisite: Instructor’s Permission. (On Demand) BUS 4623 Data Communications Study data communications of modern information systems and data transmission con- cepts. Prerequisite: BUS 2313 and another programming language. (Alternating Spring) BUS 4643 Internet Technologies History of the Internet, business and educational uses, hardware and software applications, programming languages, and Webpage design and development. (Alternating Fall) BUS 4933 Management Information Systems Managerial decision making and related information processing concepts, data collec- tion, analysis for MIS design and operation. Prerequisite: BUS 2323 and JR/SR Standing. (Spring)

I. Chemistry Major A. General Education & Degree Requirements (see p. 55)

39 SH

MAT 1213, 1223 PHY 2014, 2024

6 SH 8 SH


53 SH

B. Related Areas BUS 2313 plus Information Technology Elective

6 SH 3 SH 9 SH

MAT 2023


C. Major Requirements CHM 1011,1013, 1021, 1023, 2014, 2024, 3014

20 SH

CHM 3053 and 3061

4 SH 6 SH 3 SH

CHM 2502, 3021, 3111, 4081, 4091 One course from CHM 2223, CHM 4503


32 SH

32 SH 126 SH

D. Minor and Electives



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