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illustration from The Book of Pears

The Journal of the American Pomolgical Society invites book reviews. The first is the review, provided by Dr. Kate Evans, is a review of “The Book of Pears: The Definitive History and Guide to Over 500 Varieties”, by Joan Morgan with paintings by Elisabeth Dowle. The illustration on the cover is one of 40 that accompany the text. The illustration of ‘Seckle’ pear was selected because it is probably the oldest American pear cultivar that is still widely grown. In Pears of New York, U.P. Hedrick described ‘Seckle’ as “standing almost alone in vigor of tree, productiveness, and immunity to blight, and is equaled by no other variety in high quality of fruit. If the fruits were larger, Seckle would challenge the world as a pear for the markets as it now does as a pear for the home orchard.” Seckel was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson. The original tree was found near Philadelphia in the late 1700s and at the first meeting of the American Pomological Society, held in 1949, Seckel was recommended for general cultivation and the variety has ever held its place among the pears recommended by the Society.

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