What Is Ukraine?

DESCRIPTION The fields of my country - are endless. They are all different. When viewed from a height, the fields appear as parts of a large canvas, each of which is unique and has its own color. Similarly, human life is made up of different moments: happy and sad, joyful and anxious - and each moment has its own color. A person chooses his or her own color to paint a field. Today - it’s bright green to show the joy of life, tomorrow - it’s brown or gray because you’ve had a setback. We need to remember that everything is in our hands: we can change the colors, experiment, and add colors we’ve never used before; because if we don’t, the whole picture of life will be one gray mass. Life - is a field that stretches for thousands of kilometers, stretching far, far away with no end in sight. Each person is an artist who paints a picture of his or her boundless field, and it is up to them to determine the brightness and tone, to decide whether their field will be decorated - with a bountiful harvest or a drought.



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