What Is Ukraine?


The art shared with you represents the varied hopes and dreams of the Ukrainian artists who submitted their work to RESTORE UKRAINE, a nonprofit dedicated to the reconstruction of war-impacted lives. RESTORE UKRAINE hosted an art auction on December 2, 2023, in the Knoxville Museum of Art that was dedicated to showcasing the current condition of Ukrainian culture and art. The paintings in this catalog feature mixed-media paintings revolving around understanding the theme “What is UKRAINE?” and the personal testimonies of many Ukrainian and several regional American artists. Each piece pulls from perspectives that were scarred by the war and represents a significant story about the country’s heritage and hopes . “This is an opportunity for visitors from all around the world to experience the art of such a strong and brave country, ” Yaro Hnatusko, the founder of RESTORE UKRAINE, said. “This is a chance for the world to maintain the richness of the Ukrainian cultural heritage.” That’s why RESTORE UKRAINE has worked for months to rescue this art from the battleground - to exhibit and share the stories from the front lines right here in Knoxville,TN. “Our art tells a story that words never will, and the language barriers that Ukrainian people sometimes struggle with can make that expression even harder,” Hnatusko said. Thanks to the Knoxville Museum of Art, community members can see the impact of war laid bare on the paintings. To understand Ukrainian art is to understand the footprint of war on its people.



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