2017 April Edition

Education Those working with schools worked together to offer holistic teacher training on sustainability and coordinated our services to each school based on their interests and needs. We’ve also set up a Sustainable Entrepreneurship Microloan Program for We wanted a way to recognize businesses that were working toward sustainability and to encourage others to move in that direction. We couldn’t find certification that met our criteria (fast, easy and cheap; applied to all industries; offered levels of performance that included social and environmental criteria with the highest level as full sustainability). So, through a member’s technical skills, we built an online system which we can share with well-positioned organizations in other regions. Community Metrics can really focus people. We are developing sustainability indicators so we can compare communities in our region Schools. Business

on factors like recycling, hunger, quality of life, solar power production, and river flows, to see over time if we are approaching full sustainability. Concurrently the region has decided to brand itself as a sustainable destination, so economic development folks now need some of our programs, creating community interest in and support for our work. Keep your eyes open for opportunities Opportunities will crop up where your group could offer useful insights. Our Alliance sometimes acts like a mini-think tank, a forum to find elegant solutions solving multiple problems at once.We have assembled interdisciplinary recommendations for a variety of local issues including solving traffic problems using existing infrastructure. We’ve also made recommendations regarding undeveloped City land, how to get the biggest sustainability bang for their buck. Operate on a shoestring All of this has been done without funding. You can get lots done when you offer people

an important project aligned with their passions and you don’t care who gets credit. Start small and identify someone with project management and meeting facilitation skills to lead it. It’s definitely been worth it. We hope you’ll give it a try. Let us know if we can help. Darcy Hitchcock, Collaborator in Chief for the Sustainability Alliance, has advocated for organizational democracy and sustainability for over 25 years. She’s a keynote speaker, the author of 10 books, and the co-founder of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals where she teaches online classes on sustainability assessments to an international audience.

www.SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org Darcy@SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org

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